Director & Writer
Anna Marbrook
Heather Lee

Documentary – A little person looks for love at the largest gathering of little people in the world

I was living in a heritage apartment in the centre of Auckland and my neighbour was Matthew. We would pass each other in the corridor and chat. One day when I asked him what he was up to he said he was going to the largest gathering of little people in the world to find a wife. I immediately knew there was a story in this. Heather and I pitched it to Sue Woodfield at TV3 and she commissioned it for her Inside New Zealand Documentary Series. Not long after that we headed for Milwaukee to film Matthew and 3000 little people. With only 150 little people in New Zealand, Matthew had to cope with massive culture shock coupled with the realities of his audacious dream to find true love.

I have lasting memories of the people I met on that trip – the daily struggles they face with their size and the stigma surrounding that. The incredible insight and humour that comes from living with a very different perspective of the world.

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