Series Creator & Director
Anna Marbrook
Heather Lee
Dana Youngman
Executive Producers
Lisa Taouma 
Robert Oliver
Dieter Paulmann
Maori Television
Production Company

Innovative chef Robert Oliver connects indigenous chefs to the keepers of ancient recipes

Which comes first,  purpose or project? I was been volunteering on a Pacific Peace Festival and in the midst of a technical rehearsal it had became clear to me that I wanted to dedicate myself to sharing Pacific thought leadership on a global stage. I believe this region holds the keys to our future of our survival with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that rarely gets in front of a broad, mainstream audience.

Shortly after this clarification of purpose Heather asked me to join her and Robert to develop this work. The show captured the transfomation of menus in top resorts by taking young chefs to outer islands, reefs, forests, and lagoons to revive the ancient food knowledge held by the mamas and papas. The transformations of the chefs was compelling, as was the creativity with which they developed new menus to reflect their story. Robert, the consummate facilitator – who believesfood is love– enabled the voices of the Pacific to shine through. We worked hard to raise funds to distribute the show across the Pacific for free and it played prime time television in the region for months becoming a key driver in capturing and presenting the food revolution happening there presently.


Finalist New York Film & TV Awards 2014 & 2015

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