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Pio Terei

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Te Araroa is a 3000 kilometre walkway running the length of New Zealand

Pio Terei is an entertainer in the true sense of the word. When you travel with him you can see that he has put in the yards across this country and he is beloved in every corner. Pio opens up the many dimensions of this place with a huge amount of humour and fun. As a maker its important to get out of the cities into the heartland of New Zealand because its there that many of our most dynamic stories and people reside. If you want to know the land you must walk the land.

Te Araroa is a walkway that is growing in popularity,  partly due to the success of the work by Meg and Scottie Productions to share this incredible hikoi.  The Te Araroa Walk has become a kind of odyssey for people who are overcoming personal or health challenges, commemorating loved ones or just needing a time out to reflect and  have fun.


Nominated NZTV Award 2017

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